Romancing California Beaches (California #2)

I don't think I even need to write anything. Monday's are nasty.   These days I have been distracted and I really want to run away again. Spring Break is only two weeks away. I wish I could afford another magical adventure. Sugar Daddy anyone?
There was a specific purpose for the beach trip on  President's Day weekend: footage for pre-coverage of  Spring Break for my newscast.
Appropriately, this picture was taken Valentine's Day. I am in love with sunshine. I totally understand why it would escape Utah deserts for the velvet beaches of California. I could really go for a beach right now.
Squishy sand beneath me as the waves blanket the coast, how could you be sad?  I remember V-Day and how delighted everyone was.
One of the shots of the ocean features an preteen looking fellow, waddle-hopping into the hands of the waves, coordinating his movies in a mock performance. I would like to flirt with the tide a little, tease the edges of salt water.  Dance with the waves under the sun's pride. Kiss the flashing splashes. Romancing a beach is definitely better than fighting the cold punches.

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