Dreaming in Violence

This dream was so intense. I'm still trying to decide if I feel awesome or depressed.
I'm late for church, so I'm running in heels out the door but Mark is there. Apparently he just got back and he looks super depressed, but exactly the same as the day he left. I ask him what happened and he just shrugs his sad shoulders and walks away. Back to task of getting to church, somehow I go in the wrong side door that I usually go in and I'm supposed to be meeting my roommate, Melanie, there. I can't find her.  The church is pretty full and I have to sit in the back on the folding chairs. As I am going to the back, I see this guy standing in last pew and in the middle. He's standing tall, staring at the podium with a very focused look.  I glance down his side, and he's holding a silver revolver in his hand.  I knew that he was going to go on a shooting spree here in the church and no one was noticing or doing anything.  He sees that I have noticed his gun and starts to turn towards me.  I slide a gun down my sleeve into my hand, slide down on the floor and feel a bullet whish above my head. I take my shot and miss three times before a bullet hits him in the shoulder.   He goes down on the pew and I hear cop sirens coming.  Everyone is getting mad at me for disrupting everything and tell me to leave.  I head out the back door and rush into the wooded forest in the back. Mark is there again and this time he talks to me, "Tyler died, you didn't get to the killer in time.".
It's my cousin and his wife is standing at a house door in the distance, hugely pregnant and holding her other baby, Simon.  I slow my run down to a walk and I try to figure out how I'm going to tell her I killed her husband and my cousin (even though I didn't kill him, my slowness in response killed him or something). So did I do right to kill the guy or should I have let him kill me? It was weird..

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