To the Gold's Gym Trainers

It's going to be a long day. I dropped Henry off again after his schizophrenic behavior returned-I need a more dependable car.
Then I went to the gym to work my back a little bit. Half-way through my workout, my upper back and neck started to ache...sharply.  I cooled down with my usual 20 minute run and then went straight to a trainer. I was hoping he could tell me some ways to stretch it or something, instead the useless man just told me to go to the doctor.  Easy for him to say, with steady income and mostly likely benefits. So it's been hurting for about four hours now. I start work in one hour until 1030.
What if my body is rejecting my head and is trying to force it out with my spinal cord.  That could be pretty exciting. I wonder what people would say and/or do...do you think someone would try to replace my head? That would be realy nice.

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