Fear is an interesting emotion. The emotion, itself, is so strong and I seek to feel it daily.  With my heart pounding and a mini panic attack, it's the best form of caffeine.  The search for fear is simple because I am afraid of stupid things.
When I was in high school, I had a dream that a moose ate a kid on my front porch. The sight, even in a dream, of those straight vegetarian moose teeth chomping on some nine year old's bones was enough to make me fear moose for the rest of my life. Every time I go camping and I see a moose rack or that weird turned over nose, my skin prickles.
I get the same feeling every time I lock my car door without the button on my key chain or slam the trunk. It's a little more than a prickle, my heart literally pounds and i have to check for my eyes in my pocket or purse immediately. I have locked my keys in my car more times than anyone should an I'm pretty sure I have kept Utah locksmiths in business single-handedly.
Back in the animal world, I am also terrified of hippos. I think any animal that lives underwater and is bigger than my car is bound to be harmful of me. At the zoo, the hippos are kept in a big tank that is probably larger than my house. I look into that disgusting dark green, brown water and I can see myself at the bottom, squirming beneath his large feet before it squishes my head.
I think that being alone is a universal fear unless you are homeless or a hermit. Each night, I delay going to bed because sitting my bedroom alone creeps me out.
Today I learned a new fear. A fear that has zero purpose and I can't seem to connect my unconscious to my logical side.  I am terrified of single men in their 20's. How weird is that? I was standing with some of my lady friends tonight and a few singles guys started talking to us and I totally had a mini panic attack. Not necessarily because I was attracted to them. (I should note here that I do like the male population a great deal and I am straighter than the walls support my room) I notice this unease and fear of men in other situations besides social situations too and I usually brush it off and make a game out of it, but today I realized how stupid it is. I am 23 years old and I am terrified of young single adult men. So I guess I will have contradicting fears: of being alone and men. Awesome...

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