Facebook Pic Fails:Top Ten

There are few things that bring me the same joy as that plain white page with the blue border and friendly looking letters of "facebook".
Social networking is a great thing for the world. The benefits surpass the negatives. I remember when I joined a couple of years ago, isolated from the world in the snowy tundra of Idaho. A few days after joining, a friend from elementary school added me. I hadn't spoken with him since I moved, ten years ago. There is no way I could have duplicated that reunited experience in the "real world".
I have one problem with social networking sites and it's not even the Web site I have a problem with--it's the choice of profile photos by users.
There are many types of profile pictures I am getting tired of seeing. Here's my top 10 in no specific order.

1. Bare pregnant bellies- I understand you're pregnant. Your status says it, your multiple albums say it, and your "baby shower group" I joined says it. I think it's a proud moment, but keep on the cute maternity shirt. Bathroom pictures sharing a large basketball is not adorable unless your a future pedophile. Sorry, it's the way I feel.
2. Weight lifting pictures- What were you thinking while you were standing in the mirror at the gym, that people want to see you actually work out. If its true, we see it in the pictures of you without gym attire.  The best part is sometimes there aren't any muscles. Stop lying to yourself. It makes it look like you go to the gym for photography sessions and that's just weird.
3. Support pictures- This includes ribbons and words, if that's what you are to the world, that's sad. How do you expect to connect or share anything with anyone if that's what you are showing. It's great you support diseaase and death but the Web site is for "social networking" not to show how supportive you are.
4. Kissing pictures- You know when your six and you say "ew" when you see people kiss on tv.  A profile picture featuring a kiss is a prolongued lip engagement and I get tired of seeing you making out with your significant other. If you're in a relationship or married or something; there is nothing wrong with representing your relationship- but come on kissing? You could represent it with a look or leaning together or a kiss on the cheek. Come on...let your profile picture come up for air sometime.\
5. "Dopplegangers"- You are not Bruce Willis, Cameron Diaz or Penelope Cruz. Please let it go. End of story
6. Party/Concert-  If your profile picture is from a party or concert. You are telling me that you are defined by music and not a person. It also says that you are a group of people and I can't see you in that crowd.  I get it, you party. That's enough for me to move on away from your profile. I also heard like 10% of employers look at social networking sites, do you really want to be judged by your beverage and drunken face?
7. Boob pictures-  Women of the world just stop it. I can't say it enough.  We're already exploited in movies, music and online without doing it ourselves.  No one, including other women, is looking at your face in those pictures. I have my own pair, I don't need yours in my face too. Thanks.
8. Shirtless men- Guys do this in their own way too. Stop being shirtless. So many more people see your profile than women. Even if you have a great body, it's childish and stupid-high school. If you're in high school, more power to you, I'm sure your 16 year old girlfriend loves that.
9. Car Pics- Hello men, you are not a car. I will only click on your profile pic if I want a new car or to try and sell mine. If you are a car, you should not be using social networking Web sites.
10. Scenery-  When you're there, it's fantastic.  No one else cares, we can google that stuff. There is no significance to a pretty beach or mountain scenery unless you are actually in the picture. It's your profile picture. If you are scenery, like a car, you should not be on facebook.

I'm not the only one who feels this way, click here for a survey on it and some interesting facts. Please remember It's "your profile", treat it right.


  1. LOL! I would agree on all of those, especially the pregnant belly ones and the dopplegangers. The only one I haven't seen are weightlifting ones. I would have to say that you missed one, a HUGE one in fact. Baby pics. Take what you said about pregnant bellies and just insert baby instead, they'll have albums FILLED chock full of baby pictures and still insist on having their profile pic as a pic of their baby. We get it, you have a baby, you love them to death, but your baby is NOT you.

  2. Totally! I'm glad you catch my drift...