Background Checks

Woo, it's been a while. I am 100% sure my teachers decided to destroy me this week. As you can see, I made it!
Earlier this week, I participated in my first government background. May-August I will be one of the thousands (if not millions) of people working for the Census and the government wants some deep background stuff.  It was definitely an experience.
My arrival was not anticipated and I hopped in line behind at least 20 people piled in the Human Resources hall. These people were some of the most interesting people I have ever seen. The job is run through Convergys. I guess I should have expected the weirdos. There was this one guy who struck my interest though.
He was doing fingerprinting and the taking pictures for badges.
Alex had a lot going for him. He stood about 6'2"with really dark hair and blue eyes. He poked his head out and said my name. Score! 
The conversation was hilarious. We spoke about firearms, his dreams of entering the FBI and lighting hand sanitizer on fire. He even flattered me, which is so rare. I giggled like a teenage girl.
He teaches a concealed firearms course on the side and was determined to convince me to take the class. Apparently, as a six foot tall 180 lb woman, I am still highly at risk. (*I'm rolling my eyes now*). He sad he believed that all women should take a firearms course or self defense course, especially really pretty girls and he lowered his eyes. 
We then talked guns..which I don't do well. I enjoy a good shooting experience, but I don't know names and such, so I mostly just listened. Next he provided instructions for entertaining myself at work: first, hand sanitizer in a line, light it on fire-it creates a small blue flame and after it burns up you can just wipe it off the desk.
Guns and fires...all for my background check. Thanks, Alex, for the entertainment. I can't wait to work here. lol.

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