Fox Point....

 Cute white fences, big trees and a duck pond.  I smell free advertising.
Yesterday Melanie and I invested a small fee ($100) for our future. :) Fox Point at Old Farm in Salt Lake City. I didn't think we would actually find one yesterday. It was freezing and snow covered everything.  I wonder if the biggest selling point was the year round hot tub.  Literally we got a fantastic deal and I want to give a shout out to the agents, Raquel and Jarom.  Raquel showed us the place and when we came back 21 year old Jarom helped us with the paperwork.  (That's right, the boy was younger than me and was selling me my future home). I'm super excited though. The place is closer to school, work and my future employment. 
I've been waiting for this opportunity for over a year.  
I moved back home to the parentals February 2009.  There's nothing wrong with living with my parents, but since I graduated from high school I haven't lived here longer than three months.  So these 13 months have been really, really long.  There is an end in sight. April 10th is that end, moving day. So recruitment day is nearly upon me. I need a few strapping young men/women and trucks to lend their skills on that day to make my dream come true.
These are some pics of our building and cute pond. The ducks are a little too friendly. I feel like we might of a reenactment of the birds...I chased them a bit, I bet they end up chasing me at my door or something later. I have a feeling I will be driving past them a lot in the next three weeks.  You can check out their website here.

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