BYU-Idaho Police Scene Notes

So I have been going through all of my stuff, cleaning and organizing this week. I rediscovered the magical police trackings from my time at BYU-Idaho. I kept the best ones and I long to toss them in the garbage...so I will record them here for your enjoyment. I don't have dates..I apologize, but they are legit. I will asterisk my favorites from each one.
#1 Police Scene
-23 year old male cited for disturbing the peace-barking dog
*Subject shot below eye with Airsoft gun
-Complaint of weird smell in Tuscany apartment
-Complaint of counterfeit $20 bill
-Two 16 year old males cited for drag racing
-Complaint of two motorcyclists on skate park
-Fight on school district bus
-Complaint of small children beating a dog
*Complaint of small children playing by the canal
-Complaint of children throwing rocks at ducks at Nature Park

#2 Police Scene
-Peeping Tom arrested and imprisoned
-Fraud/theft-use of credit card
-Complaint of missing A.T.V.-found
-Thief jailed for stealing a case of soda from Broulim's
-Complaint of disturbing the peace at Porter Park-74 year old female confronted junior high class on field trip
-Complaint of fire-controlled burn
-Various complaints of suspicious persons/vehicles
-Complaint of child left in vehicle
*Female student charged with filing a false police report on an assault and battery at Legacy Ridge, claiming to have been hit in the "snozzle"
-Verbal disagreement at Madison High School
-Open door at BYU-Idaho Alumni Building
-Child endangerment seized and turned over to Health and Welfare
-52 year old male jailed for disturbing the peace and resisting arrest
*Two 15 year old boys' curfew violation
-False alarms (3)
-Complaint of fake $100 bill-bill checked and ok
-Complaint of doorbell rings
-Complaint of small fire-trash pile on University Ave.
-Complaint of vehicles being egged
-Suspicious vehicle/people at Porter Park
-Noise Complaint
-Complaint of vehicle battery being thrown against building-scars
*Male arrested for walking down Main Street and yelling at officer
-Male arrested for 2005 warrant out of Sandpoint, Idaho

#3 Police Scene
-Complaint of pornographic material taped inside bathrooms at Nature Park
-Possession of methamphetamine
*Complaint of people disregarding coned-off areas on streets
-Possession of marijuana
-Complaint of juvenile party with alcohol-four cited for consumption of alcohol
-Complaint of a bell ringer
-Domestic battery-18 year old female cited
-Disturbing the peace-kids swearing, honking and throwing eggs
-Fire-call- gas leak on the temple construction site
*Fire call-burnt rice at New Fong's set off fire alarm
-Found item-trombone found at Smith Park
-Complaint of vehicle damage incurred by hitting a pothole
-Discharging Air Soft pistol in the city
*Duck harassment-Nature Park

#4 Police Scene
-22 year old man arrested for procuring alcohol to a minor
-complaint of kids skateboarding in road
-complaint of scared raccoon on basketball hoop
-complaint of subject ringing doorbells
-complaint of marijuana odor coming from The Legacy Ridge Apartments
-complaint of gas theft
-armed robbery on Main Street

BYU-Idaho is a special place.

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