The Fantastic Fair!

I could almost make this a photo-documentary. It was so great! Greatest stories ever!
My biggest highlight was BATMAN, flown in from California and real armor/chain mail! It was pretty epic. I got to meet Batman. It was the greatest. I stood by, watching kids pose for pictures and as he was leaving he stood very close to me with his hand outstretched, "Excuse me, what's your name?" I felt like a stupid middle school girl, giggled, "Michelle."  I expected him to say his real name and where he was staying, but instead he leaned close to my face and said, "I'm Batman" in his hot "batman voice". lol. Wow. .epic...

Another favorite is my encounter with the Bikers Against Child Abuse. I got a sweet B.A.C.A. tattoo and two killer pictures with them:
This is our "Family Portrait", these guys were great!
It was supposed to be "angry face" but I'm the only one who looks mad. lol.

Some other highlights feature a 15 foot snake and a random guy dressed up like a banana. Yay for kid's fair!

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