True Love.....my review

Thank you, Rob. Book reviews; who knew I would end up doing one for my least favorite subject of all time: love. In case none of you go to my internship blog. I wanted to share my book review with you because I promise you will laugh.
Self help and true stories are typical of Chicken Soup for the Soul. I expected nothing less from one of their latest installments: Chicken Soup for the Soul-True Love.
   I am not a romantic in any shape or form of the word, unless you count my undying love for club hip hop, white chocolate Reese's and horror movies.  I shun chick flicks and roll my eyes when I hear cheesy lines. Honestly, the only thing that appealed to me about the book was the photography work on the front.
   I am one of those people that judge a book by its cover, so I gave the book a good fighting chance. In the end, my judgment paid off.
   The book didn't change my tomboy ways and I didn't spring to the nearest theater to see a romance movie; but I did learn more than I anticipated about "true love" and myself. Kristi Yamaguchi who helped write the Foreward says, "There is something for everyone, in this wonderful book of stories."  She knows what she's talking about.  Although a few stories were extra cheesy, many stories shared more than the romantic side of relationships.
   My favorite example is the story by Harriet Cooper, "Dating at the Speed of Light". I can actually relate to her thought process. The author introduces the idea of speed dating and her decision whether or not to go. She proceeds to introduce her cat and makes a surprising choice. 
   Chicken Soup for the Soul-True Love builds a relationship verbally from the bottom up, starting with "How We Met" and ending with a section titled, "Love Everlasting". 
   By the end of the book, I have learned how to fully appreciate and express my love to my loves. To me, love is all about appreciation and working with what you have, which is the joy in a good white chocolate Reese's peanut butter cup. Thank you, Chicken Soup, for renewing my capabilities to love.

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  1. Hi,

    Just found this post while I was checking out some of my cat stories. Glad you liked my "Dating at the Speed of Light." Thomas, the cat of the story, is also happy with the choice I made in the book.

    Harriet Cooper