High School Transcript

I only check my university e-mail once a week and today was the day.  While flipping through, I was surprised that some committee is reviewing my eligibility for some grant and they requested a high school transcript.
I can't help it. The flashback couldn't be suppressed as easily as my middle school flashbacks *shudder*.
So after my movie-like glazed look came over my eyes, the present world shimmered to high school.  Silly memories came to mind, riding the school bus in the dark and walking in the dimly lit halls my ultra thin locker at the end of the hall. Sitting down in the halls between classes, listening to the "punk" stereotypes playing their guitars underneath the stairs.
Things were so different back then! I miss the lunches....my favorite burrito combo (burrito, fries and fry sauce-Pretty sure heaven tasted like fries dipped once in the burrito and then the fry sauce).  I even miss certain semesters, like my junior year and barely passing Chemistry because David Slothower, who had my undivided attention with bright eyes, dreadlocks and jokes.
My transcript request reminded me more of the good times than my grades.  I'm sure I can call them and request it, but part of me wants to walk those halls again. The dust will probably smell the same and I bet the lockers still feel like they were dipped in salt water.  The counselors and administrators will still stand too tall, glaring around the halls for stupid kids. I wouldn't mind seeing all that again...just for a laugh

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