Bloodbath Barbie

   The metallic turkey pan tilted my way. I was thankful I was sitting in the middle of the theater seats instead of the front row. The sight of the Barbie's ripped up head sitting in red liquid mixed with sugar and milk. It was probably pretty close the equivalent of of Hannibal Lecter's cloud nine.
   Although completely disgusting and the connotations of blood and guts of barbie very close to making a few classmates gag, I found the dark humor a great break from the lectures I had and would endure the rest of the day.I have the best Mass Media Law teacher ever.
   To illustrate misappropriation and copyright infringement he introduced my class to bloodbath barbie. He busted out the blender in a box, filled it with milk, sugar, bananas, all sorts of delicious items. It looked pretty tasty, like a milkshake. The he pulled out the barbie, poured some vanilla (turned out to be red dye) and started to mix-shouting obscenely about the implications of barbie on feminism and it's destruction of women. As he shouted, the class gasped in unison as the pale mixture quickly turned an ugly dark red color. 
   This is the last two weeks of school. It was good to see something that made me laugh instead of whine. 

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