Hollywood Connection Easter Egg Promo

 For those of you who follow my internship blog...this might be very familiar. I don't think there are many of you...if any. I think the internship blog explained my Easter best.
The Easter Bunny used to be pretty tight with me. He stopped calling when I turned twelve and the hang outs began to dwindle. He had to move on with his life I suppose and provide delicious jelly beans and candy eggs to others.  I knew he was seeing a new bunch of kids. I just didn't know how great those kids were until I went to Hollywood Connection on Saturday.
See what I mean? Great kids!

Just a few steps away from the Main Hare, I spread my own version of Easter cheer with a little assistance from my internship supervisor, Rob, and Fisher/Peggy.I would like to say I am comparable to the Easter Bunny that day, throwing out gifts and prizes all over the place with the wheel. The Spin & Win game, everyone who spun that colorful wheel won a sweet prize. It got pretty intense. Look at the mass of people there!
It was a fantastic time! I love hanging out with kids and prizes! Oh and hanging with the Easter Bunny of course.

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