Some people are very "special".  This morning I found a gast station charging a mere 2.99 per gallon...Henry (my sweet Stratus) was in desperate need of some fuel. I started filling the tank and I hear that horrible noise of an engine gagging, not turning over.
The van next to me, filled with people tried several more times without result.  I have some jump cables in my car and although I am not very adept at using them, was willing to try.
I walked over and asked them if they needed a jump.  The woman in the passenger seat was apparently the only one who spoke English and between Spanish yelling on the phone told me that she didn't know what was going on. I offered my help and she said, "I don't think that's appropriate. Thank you." 
Appropriate? Since when is helping considered inappropriate? I took it a little personal. Maybe if I spoke Spanish they would have accepted my help. Or maybe if I was a darker shade and not so flourescent white. I don't get it.
I bet these people passed me when I had a flat tire or when my engine wouldn't start in the pouring rain. It's hard not to tie those things together. Inappropriate? I think turning down legitimate help is inappropriate when you are at a gas station pump, blocking everyone else. Good luck with your "inappropriate" van.

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