Two weeks: graduation and my brother!

This last week sucked worse than a Hoover vacuum trying to suck up a fluffy animal.  I keep trying to think of the end.  Class will be over next Friday and I start my new temporary job May 3rd.  Despite these sweet events, two weeks will be even better.  In two weeks, two fantastic things will happen!

1) I will finally graduate.  That's right, dreams do come true.  It only stole five years of my life and all my free time and a lot of opportunities.  The things I do to secure a solid future. The biggest waste of time ever. School is a joke kids, stay young and away from college.

2) My brother will be back from boot camp! I spent the last 20 minutes tagging all the pictures of him on his facebook profile. There was a super awkward picture of him and me. We have fun sometimes...and sometimes we're special. I love that I'm making the most ridiculous evil face ever and he's looking at me, trying not to laugh or smile. I can't wait to see him!

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