"Sometimes instead of words, I wish I could open my mouth and have a flock of birds fly out."
-Chris Bodily, Sketch Journal

My brother handed me an old faded comic book with thick copy printer lines.  The heavy outlines of characters and objects still sit in my mind several years later.  The characters in it were striking and we wondered what happened to that old friend from high school.  Well we found him, still creating the most thought provoking images I have ever seen. 

He has been producing a sketch journal that features artistic elements and some of his thoughts.  This quote on a flock of birds is so awesome. I wish I could examine every word and what it means. To me it's something different.

I think words can be both overrated and underrated. Often I say things and it has either been spun into a ridiculously large problem or important things have been whittled to nothing.  Words have connotation and denotation that create all sorts of crazy meanings and interpretations to the listeners. When I speak words, they can hear what they want to hear. It's almost guaranteed that the majority of my message will be missed (at least in part). I wouldn't care for a flock of birds to fly out of my mouth, my stories are already long, disjointed sections.  I would like something substantial to come out of my mouth when I speak. Substantial, so that it could not be missed or ignored--a completely honest substance that represents what I am trying to say and who I am.  

That would be epic.

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