Internship Images(special) and update

It's been a while since I have blogged about my internship in a personal way. I blog about it nearly every day on the Today's 106.5 Web site, but I hold back because I know I could probably upset people there if I posted some of this stuff. So here's all the stuff I can't say on that blog. Today I drove up to the back of the station like I have been doing (thank you Utah Construction) and I found this car.
If you drive this car. I am judging you right now. Not only does the back of your car read Cobalt in small dealership embossed letters, you felt the need to put a print cover over it saying the same thing...You are a special individual.

I have also been moving up in the line of station heirarchy. I haven't been granted a permanent/paying/full-time position but I was rewarded with a secret badge under wraps. It's nice to come and go as I please without 6'11" Rob escorting me out the door. However, I don't know if I feel any less like a minion with the name and picture on the badge. Take a look.....
Now tell me how you would feel?
I also wanted to throw in my plug for this weekend. The station including Fisher and Peggy (I believe) is going to be all over the Easter Egg Hunt at Hollywood Connection tomorrow from 10 -Noon.  I'll be kicking it at the booth giving away ridiculous prizes. I wish I purchased a decent pair of bunny ears for the occasion. Here's the deal, if you bring me bunny ears, I will rig the prize wheel for a win. Deal?

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