Buying Friends

How sad is that?
The story begins Monday.  I was in a fairly good mood and the tasks in my world fell into place. My destination after intense studying was the gym and I was thinking about how much I love working out my legs. I strolled outside of the Union Building with a little bounce in my step.
I faltered a little when I saw those green jackets and strange faces cornering students. Typically I dismiss people like Greenpeace and pretend to hurry away. Today I tried a different attack, right down the middle because I knew they would searching out the stragglers off the sidewalk.
I am a sucker for brown eyes and blonde hair.  He had to know my weakness the minute he saw me from his post in the middle of the sidewalk.  Lincoln from Denver, Colorado-a Greenpeace activist recruiter. I felt comfortable with him and his light caramel eyes that seemed to be joking with me from the first word.  He gave me his selling spill on the need for people like me.  I laughed and joked and tried a little to get out of it, but I couldn't stand strong.  I paid $20 right there on the spot to be a part of something I don't have a particular passion for. I paid that money for an amusing conversation with a nice guy with fantastic eyes, who I probably won't see again. That's pretty pathetic. I buy my friends..

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  1. oh so sad. :( send me 30 dollars and I will be your best sister ever.